Latest Top 10 SEO On Page and Off Page Techniques and Tactics for Beginners

Latest 2016 Top 10 SEO On Page and Off Page Techniques for Beginners

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Today in this addition is especially for SEO beginners in 2016 who is really interested in applying these top 10 SEO techniques 2016 on page and off page tips and tricks.

Latest 2016 top 10 seo 2016 on page and off page tactics for beginners

We know that nowadays every search engine SEO techniques has been tough like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. keep on updating day by day. shows thoughts websites or website ranking in their search engine result page (SERP) who is really relevant to the user query and very informative.

Because 60% users use mobile phones and 40% website traffic comes from Desktop or others electronic gadgets.

As we can see 60% traffic, not a small thing if our website is fully optimized and according to the User interface (UI) we can get organic traffic and more website ranking in search engines.

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# Top 10 SEO On Page Techniques for Beginners:


As you know Google loves relevancy and informative content nowadays. If we want to stay long term in the search engine and want to get more organic traffic we must develop or website according to USER point of view not Search Engine loves.

There are lots of SEO techniques for new websites in 2016 but we provide you best and result oriented top On page SEO tips and techniques for beginners.

How to Keyword Research and Apply 2016 SEO Techniques  :


One of the important part for any website branding. If you don’t know about your targeted keywords or website target keywords which we suppose search engines provide organic website visibility and traffic.

Because we must know about website targeted keywords with Targeted location. There are lots of keyword research tools nowadays in the market but my favorite only one free and best Google Keywords Planner (GKP). If you have Google’s Gmail id you can easily access Google Keywords Planner. You can find best keywords for top seo techniques in 2016.

If you are targeting keyword your own website then keyword should be Long Tail and Location Based Keywords like Best SEO Company in Delhi, Best Online Shopping Website in India, and etc.

As you can see I have long tail keywords with a defined location like Delhi and India. The user never searches short queries they must know where they want or looking service.

So our main motive must be used long tail keywords and location-based keywords in 2016.


How to Make SEO On Page Techniques for Beginners:


This is one of the best and most important parts of website ranking and website about page or website. If we do not use proper SEO techniques and Title Tag we can missed lots of user and traffic.

Let me give you an example,

If you want to know anything on a search engine when we see first title tags and then about the page it means, we first see the page title and click on that link.


Same we can apply for our SEO on page Title techniques. If you want to create meta tags online use this tool SEO Mofo

In the title tag, we must use One Primary Keyword (Keyword basically a combination of Words) and then use Second Primary Keyword and after the end of the title use Website or Brand Name.


For instance:


Top 10 SEO Techniques | SEO Techniques for Beginners– ABC.Com.

Now you can see above example.

We have used primary keywords (Top 10 SEO Techniques) and Secondary keyword (SEO Techniques for Beginners) user can see clearly what we are and where we are.

Keep in mind your website page’s title length should be 65 Characters.

Note: Don’t use too many keywords in the title tags because google doesn’t like keywords stuff or spam title tag.


How to Create SEO Meta Tags and Apply Top SEO Techniques or Tactics:


Now we are going to talk about the second element in SEO On page techniques or tactics.

You might have noticed when you searched something on google or any others search engines. They bold content in black like that “Blog”. So this is nothing search engine blog keywords in searches or search engine result page.

So We must use keywords in the page meta description and meta keywords. Your page meta description not to be more than 165 characters. And use meta keywords 4 to 5 time only not more than it.

Keep in mind we should use variation of keywords in meta description and website content, As you can see below examples: 

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Website Content Optimization Tactics and SEO Techniques:

As we know search engine loves unique and relevant content must be ranked on search engines.

So our main part is website content if we are talking about SEO techniques for beginners.

Website content must be more than 250 words and your main keywords must come in the content.

Keywords density not more than 2% in whole content and we should use synonyms in the content because sometimes search engines show synonyms keywords also and they can also help us for boosting website ranking and visibility.

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