How to Create Quick Graphic for Social Media Engagement Latest Top 8 Tools

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Are you not a graphic designer?

Are you not an expert in Photoshop for social media engagement and blog posting?

In this blog, I’ll tell you that how can you become great graphic designer within few hours.

Don’t worry guys,

Digital Guider will help you that how to create quick graphic designing for social media engagement like banners, info graphic, quotes banner etc.

Digital Guider will tell you that nowadays which are going latest top 8 free social media graphic tools.

So guys are you ready to learn about top 8 free tools for social media posting?

Let’s Start,

First, we know about some social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and etc. But do you know that 66% all post is included images on social media platforms?

Second, Instagram and the Pinterest platform is a huge photo sharing platform but in 2013, Facebook became a largest image sharing hub. It is a point that 350 million people user uploads images and graphic every day on Facebook.


As we know that one image says lot things and If you are social media marketer you should use gorgeous images for social media engagement.

There are many times I saw that some social media marketer doesn’t use good-looking graphics. It is a big reason that social media user overlooks your vital information and some digital marketer doesn’t use free online social media software for business.

2016 Best 25 SEO On page and Off page Techniques







It’s clear:

Social media users interact with the attractive visual post.

According to Digital Guider that 5 years ago, Small business organization owners couldn’t handle this serious problem. But at that time they might have to need to wrestle along with Photoshop and graphic design software.

But we have brought latest and easy to use online social media graphic tools.

Ready to find your creative side?

Let’s go.

Top Quick Graphic Design Tool # 1


This is a free tool for social media graphic and you can easily drag and drop image which you want. It is a non-designers tool with complete customization.

Here’re Canva tool features as you can see many templates and you can make Presentation Graphic, Blog Graphic, Facebook Post, Twitter Post, Letter Head, Visiting Card and Infographic.


If you want to make images in custom size yourself, of course, canva also gives you manually option where you can create a beautiful design. However, you can simply log in with your Facebook account and Gmail account even though if you want to sign up with your Gmail Id also you can sign in.

Again, as you can see that canva tool gives you many free options like Free Photos, Grids, Frames, Shapes, Lines, Illustration, icons, Chats.



Canva also allows you free text and if you want to change your background image so you can change the image although if you’ll go to the search bar or you searched pictures relevant your design then you’ll have to pay 1$.

Here’s an example of banner creation for a facebook post.

As you are looking below canva image that simply first I took a background design, the second I took text and third I took social media icons then facebook banner has been completed so simple.

Sounds good, so now you can post.


Here’s an example of Facebook banner which we had made above:


Overall, it is a fantastic online graphic design tool you can bit customization and functionalities.

Top Quick Graphic Design Tool #2


Pablo is free graphic creation tool by talented buffer team. There is no need to login this platform, you can create immediate quote design, not only Pablo have 600k+ images but also has 25+ stylish fonts.


You can choose your favorite template and also you can insert image/logo or text/quotes



When you’ll complete your design quote then Pablo will give you option download and share then you can direct share along with own social media account.

If you are looking quote images, then Pablo gives you a chrome extension that you can download images.

Top Quick Graphic Design Tool #3


If you are a blogger or a digital marketer want to focus on your audience’s attention on a specific image? If you want to instant screenshots as well as you want to give a tutorial with screenshot.

Then, Skitch a perfect tool.

You can markup, snap any things in a web page and make note them, as well as want to save the web page and PDFs you can save easily.


It is free chrome extension tool and it’ll give you many options which we’ll talk beneath.


The Evernote gives you browser extension then you can download and you can access for all devices like Desktop, Mobile, and Tablets.



Top Quick Graphic Design Tool #5

Nowadays you’ll see that infographic trends going stunningly whereto I think that the most bloggers or brand organization use infographics for social media marketing, brand, product, and services.

Because infographic is a good way to present your services and thoughts in a graphic way.

Why should you care about infographics?

Because you can get more organic traffic by infographic designing and you can easily show up what do you want to say.



Now you are feeling experience holder.

As far as I know that if you want to make some infographic then you’ll have to pay 500 rupees per infographic.

But we have given a solution using simple drag and drop tool, Like

You are not able to create highest quality graphics. But gives you decent easy design with thousands of templates.

Here’s free template example:


You can customize according to need which you want to do and you can add text, icons, objects, chart and etc. Not only you can create an infographic within 30 minutes.


Top Quick Graphic Design Tool #6


Pixlr is looked like photoshop software but we can’t comparison of pixlr with Photoshop because pixlr is online photo editing tool. Not only it has a web app, the mobile app for both IOS – Android and desktop tool.

There are many features is same in pixlr like Photoshop and Gimp as you can see below picture. It allows you that upload your own an image add effects your image. You can also use filter, text, layers and borders.


Pixlr plus point is that you can access very fast and easy to use or you can use many advance setting functionalities.

But if you don’t know about pixlr advance setting so you’ll have to explore pixlr advance tutorial.

Top Quick Graphic Design Tool #7

If you are a website owner/blogger and if you want to compress your images. is a vital powerful tool it can compress easily your image file size 90% as well as it gives you high-quality image. There is no difference when you upload an image thereafter when you download that image quality doesn’t low.

smo-tool-16 support four file formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF, SVG. When you’ll go to the main page then you’ll have to choose Lossy and Lossless option, if you choose the lossless option then you can compress only JPG and PNG file format, as well as you, choose lossy format then you can upload four formats which you have read above JPEG, PNG, GIF, SVG.

Keep in mind gives 10MB file size limit.

Not only you can save directly to Dropbox or Google Drive but also you can directly download in desktop and laptop.

Top Quick Graphic Design Tool #8

The Noun Project

As you have seen already that you can take more icons above tool like Canva. But, I want to give you an amazing separate online library for icons list – the noun, It allows you online free icons to use.


You can login by Email, Facebook account, and Google Plus account.

It’ll give you two option free version or paid version but if you want to buy the monthly subscription at $9.99 and you can use more icon as you want.

Even though if you want to purchase an icon then you’ll have to pay $1.99.

Nowadays as you can see that in internet marketing industry is used very high that types of the icon in social media graphic designing and posting.



A last but vital topic that graphic designing is a differ thing. If you are going to do social media marketing, digital marketing and to give the best SEO services then you should knowledge of graphic color combination. Because without color combination, you can’t grab attention your target audience.

Maybe it can be a bad impact on your work which you are going to give and which you going to provide. Keep in mind that your graphic color combination should be related your services theme color. When a user sees your design then he should be attracting.



Although you haven’t knowledge of color combination. Pictaculous brought a color palette generator which you can check your color palette and it was created by the most MailChimp.


Create quick graphic design within few minutes according to, Digital Guider research that 5 years ago we are not able to create graphics and we have no way that time how to create quick and fast graphic design for social media marketing or internet marketing. But, we knew only Photoshop software it is the little bit tough because we have no enough time to create graphics.

But now you can first design within half an hour and you can like you are an expert in graphic design in social media marketing.

If you are using another tool in graphic designing for social media the let me know below comment option. I would love to hear your favorite tool in a comment box.

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