PicPick Free Image Screen Capture Editor Tool for Lazy Blogger

PicPick Free Image Screen Capture Editor Tool for Lazy Blogger

Looking free fast screen capture, editor, color picker tool for digital marketing training for the differing type of presentation.

If you are a company’s employ want to show client report and wants to fast analytics screenshots for client reporting, then it’ll most helpful software for you.

If you are a good business development manager or anybody else. It’s a vital software for image screen capture and you can show important things in screenshots.

If you want speedy screenshots and crop a particular web page or operating system like desktop screenshots. You can cut and put easily in MS Word, MS PowerPoint, Email Marketing and Professional Digital Training PDF.

PicPick Free Image Screen Capture Editor Tool for Lazy Blogger

Let me start features of Picpick image editor tool:

Picpick Screen Capture and Screen Shots Tool – you can take an entire screen shot, an active window, specific area of the screen and image, free hand and more. It’s a dual monitor and sound effect are maintained.

  • Picpick Image Editor Tool – Friendly user interface like most popular software “Window Paint Ribbon Style”. If you do edit an image then can do for instance – Standard drawing, shapes arrows, lines, text and etc.
  • PicPick Color Picker and Color Palette Tool – You can pick and save your favorite color! Picpick understand various color codes like RGB, HTML, C++, Delphi.
  • Picpick Screen Pixel Ruler Tool –  It has the option of horizontal and vertical orientation. You can set DPI setting (72, 96,120, 300).
  • Picpick Screen Magnifier Tool – You can do also zoom 2X to 10X option. Smooth display and sizeable window.

Wants to Download Free Picpick Tool – Click Here

PicPick Free Image Screen Capture Editor Tool for Lazy Blogger

Here’s Tips and Tricks of PicPick Tool:

  • Just Click on Keyword “Print Screen Button” then the full-screen shot will show you on your screen.
  • If you want to take the screenshot for a particular area you’ll have to do this short command “Shift + Print Screen” then you can take easily fast screen shots.


Final Thoughts

I saw my office friends very confuse for capture an image or screen shots. As you know I am digital marketing trainer and I always use this useful tool which helps to make a presentation with every screenshot. Sometimes few folk very annoying that they click on keyboard print screen and then past in MS Paint after all they edit an image. While you can do just a one click this entire process. Trust me I always use this tool and I would want to recommend this software. You should use instead of annoying process. Keep in mind it is capable for window 7/8/10.

If you know this type of tools and software then let me know in below comment box.


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